Rabbi Mayer Twersky
Rabbi Mayer Twersky

Rotzoh Hakadosh Baruch Hu L'zakos Es Yisroel

Challenge and response is a category employed in the study of history. This category of thought recognizes that people, individually and/or collectively rise to meet challenges. In so doing, ofttimes they achieve what otherwise they would not have achieved.

In truth, the מדרש already expresses this idea as one understanding of נסיונות, trials or tests. הקב"ה does not need to administer tests to discover results. People need challenging tests to achieve results.

This idea provides one perspective on the incomparable blessing of תורה.

רצה הקב"ה לזכות את ישראל
The Holy One, Blessed Be He, wanted to bestow merit upon the Jewish people
לפיכך הרבה להם תורה ומצות
therefore He bestowed a vast Torah with a plethora of מצות

The more תורה and מצות - the greater the challenge and the higher we are induced to rise. And, at times, when we struggle in our עבודת השם, we should remember that the greater the initial challenge, the greater the subsequent achievement.

May we all be זוכה to קבלת התורה באהבה. Good Shabbos.

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